Automatic Gates


Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc. is the manufacturer of FDC StrongWeld gates, the best automatic gates in the industry.  FDC provides automatic gates, gate openers, automatic driveway gates, commercial gates, and industrial gates to several commercial businesses, municipalities, and residences throughout the state of Florida.

Automatic rolling gates for an airport installed by Florida Door Control of Orlando

Automatic rolling gates for an airport installed by Florida Door Control of Orlando

Major industries like FPL and Progress Energy rely on FDC StrongWeld automatic gates to keep their facilities safe and secure. FDC StrongWeld automatic gates are considered top-of-the-line and are praised for their quality and reliability.  StrongWeld automatic gates and their components are made in our Melbourne, Florida manufacturing shop in a variety of fabrics including aluminum, chain-link, steel and more.  Commercial fence installation by FDC is also available on large projects.

StrongWeld Automatic Gates

FDC StrongWeld slide gates are installed with durability, reliability, and security in mind.  Only the highest quality components are used in constructing these automatic gates.  Our V-tracks are dug in and trenched to provide years of service.  You don’t want your security gate traveling across shoddy bolt-down v-tracks.

FDC StrongWeld tilt gates and sectional grille gates are top of the line security gates.  Many parking garages (both residential and commercial) use these overhead gates in some of the most demanding areas where security is a top concern.  Custom applications can be designed to fit any garage, keeping ADA requirements in mind.

Beautiful ornamental swing gates have been designed and installed by Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc. at several gated communities and large estates as automatic driveway gates throughout Florida.  Barrier arms also make a great addition to existing automatic gates to prevent tail-gating and provide extra security.

Gate Openers & gate operators – Florida Door Control of Orlando provides top of the line, long-lasting gate operators in all of our automatic gates installations.  One reason FDC installations last so long is because of the quality components used in our automated gates & access systems.  Quality gate operators are available for any budget.  Have an FDC consultant design a system for you and rest easy knowing your facility is secure.

Automatic Gates Services provided by FDC – Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.

• Automatic gate operator installation
• Automatic gate operator repair
• Automatic gate operator preventative maintenance
• Gate repair – welding
• Access control systems installation
• Gate remotes and access control transmitters
• Telephone entry systems installation
• Telephone entry systems programming
• Telephone entry systems repair

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